High Coast 63 Swedish Single Malt Whisky


High Coast 63 Swedish Single Malt Whisky - Located at 63 ° N, High Coast Distillery is one of the world's northernmost whiskey distilleries. Exactly where the 63rd parallel cuts through warehouse 3, we have stored this smoky, unique bottling for 63 months.

63 consists 100% of smoky whiskey (63 ppm) which has been stored in 63 liter bourbon casks. For 63 months. 63 decimeters above the ground. 63 is lost on 63% ABV. In 63, distillery manager Roger Melander has dotted the number 63 in lots of parameters and also created a fantastic whiskey with a round and long smoky character. 63 is sold in a limited edition in about fifty of Systembolaget's stores.

63, like all High Coast bottlings, is neither colored nor cold filtered. We recommend that 63 be aired in the glass for a while to get to its right. Feel free to add a few drops of water to highlight the aromas in the glass, and maybe a little more if the whiskey feels too strong.