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HELLOWEEN Seven Keys Pumpkin Spiced Gin



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Seven Keys Pumpkin Spiced Gin – The Ultimate Spirit for Pumpkinheads out there! A pumpkin spiced gin with rich and smooth flavours, with juniper at the forefront followed by allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg deliciously finished with subtle structure from pumpkin.

“Being a Gin lover myself, our collaboration with Brands For Fans was very exciting to me. We had the chance to design our own unique flavour note, and the result is nothing less than my new favourite drink! To top it off, we’re even able to share this extraordinary, pumpkin flavoured Gin with our fans!” says Andi Deris.


Nose: Clear spicy aroma, with clear character of juniper, herbs, citrus, pepper and hints of pumpkin

Palate: Big spicy taste with clear character of juniper, herbs, citrus, pepper and hints of pumpkin structure

Finish: Long and balanced gin-typical aftertaste

With the united line up – now seven Helloween members – the band immediately grabbed the crown and reached the No 1 chart position in Germany and Spain with their latest album "HELLOWEEN" and furthermore top chart entries worldwide. A huge success but until today, Helloween’s Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1 & Part 2 still remain the measuring stick! And the circles close right here: The number seven and keys in particular run through everything they've done in the last 30 years, so the name was an obvious choice. And it is a spectacular name for a gin!

The label design is made with Pumpkins United and is built upon the hit record Keeper of the Seven Keys. To make it stand out even more there are some elements of Art Deco pattern and strong orange, black and white colouring.