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Hatozaki 8 Year Omakase Pure Malt Japanese Whisky


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Introducing the first edition of our “Omakase Collection” – a Japanese cooking concept where our ‘chef’ aka our Master Blender decides on the recipe to serve his audience. For this Pure Malt Edition – our Master Distiller has chosen to blend single malts of at least 5-6 years of age in small batches of at least 10 casks. This blend is aged for 8 years in American oak and traditional mizunara casks (the japanese white oak is from hokkaido and tohoku forests). The end result is a rich & spicy whisky that is uncolored and unchilled filtered to preserve all the whisky’s character.

The Yonezawa family’s experimentation with distilling started over a century ago, in 1917, and has been part of their legacy ever since. In the build-up to their celebration of 100 years of spirit production, the company decided to replace their old stills with new copper twin pot-stills made by the famous Scottish company Forsyth’s. The new facility has been named The Kaikyo Distillery after the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge that lies in front of the distillery. The distillery sits on the coast, swept by sea winds and salty breezes, which gives many benefits for the ageing of whisky