Happy Dad Hard "Iced Tea" Variety 12PK


Brand Happy Dad

Available For Pre-Order Only

Happy Dad Hard "Iced Tea" Variety Pack Includes:

3x Peach

3x Original

3x Lemon

3x Blueberry

Introducing the Happy Dad Hard Iced Tea Variety 12pk – your ideal companion for unwinding. Meticulously crafted, this delightful assortment carries a 5% ALC/VOL, providing the perfect kick to elevate your joyful moments. Infused with premium tea, each Can delivers a smooth and authentic flavor profile that's a true delight for the palate. With zero caffeine, a non-carbonated composition, and just 1g of sugar per can, it's a guilt-free indulgence at a mere 100 calories. This gluten-free treat boasts natural flavors and is conveniently packaged in 24oz cans, ensuring the ultimate relaxation experience. Here's to finding happiness in every sip! Cheers!