Good Money 5 Year Canadian Whisky by Floyd Mayweather


Made from the finest blended Canadian Whisky and then aged in genuine American Oak Casks for five years results in a refined smoothness that once you step up to, you’ll never step down from.

With a touch of spice, tropical fruits and with notes of sweet caramelized apples, this whisky is perfectly balanced for your daily “go-to” brand as well as for special occasions.

The Good Money is a global brand created in direct partnership with Floyd Mayweather, the world-renowned boxer and entrepreneur. The brand produces high-quality Champagne and Whisky, which are designed to provide a luxurious and enjoyable experience to consumers.

The Good money is about embracing the good times and making memories that last a lifetime. With each bottle of champagne and whisky, we hope to bring a touch of luxury and joy to your life.