Garrison Brothers Guadalupe 2024 Release


The narrative of Garrison Brothers Guadalupe 2024 Release began in 2015 when Garrison Brothers secured decades-old port casks from a local winery, setting the stage for a unique aging process for their 4-year-old bourbon. The journey expanded under the guidance of Master Distiller Donnis Todd, who carefully curated a blend maturing for four years in white American oak casks, followed by an additional two years in tawny port casks sourced from Portugal.

Crafted meticulously from grain to glass at the Hye, Texas distillery, Guadalupe is a limited release bourbon, bottled at a robust 107 proof. This exquisite blend features a sweet mash of number one food-grade corn, soft red winter wheat, and barley, all locally sourced from Texas. Proofed down with naturally collected rainwater, each bottle of Guadalupe is individually numbered and adorned with a hand-dipped bronze wax seal. Indulge in the sensuous, creamy elixir, where tasting notes of berry fruit, ripe plums, strawberry butter on flaky morning biscuits, toasted coffee bean nuances, and hints of chocolate and cinnamon tantalize the palate.