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Fruitlab Organic Orange Liqueur


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HOW COULD WE MAKE A JUICIER ORANGE LIQUEUR? By zesting fresh oranges, not just using dry peel. Juicy and fresh, this liqueur tastes like ripe fruit, not candy. The secret lies in zesting fresh California oranges from local farms, which grow 80% of the country’s table oranges. It’s bold enough for cocktails yet smooth and complex served neat. Add to Margaritas, Old Fashioneds or simply sip with soda.

DESCRIPTION: A richer, cleaner orange liqueur that lingers on the palate without being heavy

TASTING NOTES: Bright, juicy and warm with layers of lush, lively orange

INGREDIENTS: Molasses spirits, sweet, sour and bitter oranges, and cane sugar

REVIEW “A delicious fresh fruit aroma and taste, with a balanced bitterness. We enjoyed it with a float of an inexpensive supermarket Prosecco for a light Sunday afternoon sparkling cocktail.” Michael Shulman, Well Produced Food and Wine

ANGEL’S FLIGHT 1 oz FRUITLAB Orange Liqueur 1 oz SLOW HAND Six Woods Whiskey 1 oz lemon juice 1 oz simple syrup Shake and strain into a martini glass Garnish with orange wedge