Four Roses Collector's Set


Introducing the Four Roses Collector's Set—a carefully chosen selection of exceptional bourbons.

Four Roses Bourbon: Ideal for new or casual bourbon enthusiasts seeking an elevated yet approachable whiskey, Four Roses Bourbon is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that opens the door to the world of bourbon. At 80 proof and aged a minimum of 5 years, it provides a smooth and versatile everyday sipping experience.

Four Roses Single Barrel: For those desiring a more complex bourbon journey, Four Roses Single Barrel stands as a pinnacle of individuality. At 100 proof and aged 7-9 years, each bottle represents a hand-selected barrel by our Master Distiller, offering a pronounced yet elegant flavor profile that beckons to be savored.

Four Roses Small Batch: Crafted for the spirits enthusiast seeking a premium everyday bourbon, Four Roses Small Batch is a harmoniously balanced expression. Aged 6-7 years and bottled at 90 proof, it transforms every moment into a special occasion, delivering a nuanced and refined sipping experience.

Four Roses Small Batch Select: For those in pursuit of an expertly-crafted bourbon, Four Roses Small Batch Select delivers a non-chill-filtered, 104-proof masterpiece. Aged 6-7 years, it offers a rich depth of flavors and a closer-to-the-barrel experience, showcasing the artistry of bourbon crafting at its finest.

Four Roses Super Premium: Exclusive to Japan, Four Roses Super Premium is a 750ml expression that reflects the brand's international connection since Kirin Brewery Company's acquisition in 2002. Distilled and aged in Kentucky, this unique bourbon is shipped to Japan for bottling, featuring the iconic Four Roses flower symbol in metal—a testament to the global allure of this superlative spirit.