Fortuna Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Brand Fortuna

Age: 6-Years

Mash Bill: Traditional Rye Bourbon 

Proof: 102 Proof

Source: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Batch: 6 barrel blend

Tasting Notes: Orange blossom honey and plums. A nice brightness of cherry blossom and citrus oil. The palate is viscous. Lots of caramel, cherry and baking spice. It balances nicely with each sip showing off a little more of each note. The finish is long with plums, toasted sugar and tobacco.

Story: Fortuna was a prolific brand in the United States from the late 1800’s until the 1960’s, when they closed the doors on the distillery. It is now being revitalized for a new generation of whiskey lovers by the people behind Rare Character Whiskey - Andy Shapira, Pablo Moix, and Peter Nevenglosky.

At the height of America's original whiskey boom of the late nineteenth century, a German immigrant named Phil Hollenbach crafted a brand called Fortuna that helped define the early days of the modern Bourbon industry. Hollenbach left a lasting mark on the whiskey trade having found great success in Louisville, Kentucky. He strived to delight customers far and wide by sharing his "Taste of Good Fortune." 

Over a hundred years since its inception, Fortuna Bourbon has now been revitalized for a new generation of whiskey lovers to celebrate. Aged a minimum of six years and hand-selected by the folks behind Rare Character Whiskey, the spirit of Hollenbach's passion and dedication lives on in this remarkable Kentucky Straight Bourbon.