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Five Trail Cask Finish Series Finished in Cherry Imperial Wheat Ale & Imperial Port Barrels


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Five Trail Blended American Whiskey by the Coors Whiskey Co., is a story of the unbroken spirit that drives everything we do. Harnessing the pursuit of excellence and perfection in every drop we produce, we have followed in the footsteps of five generations of the Coors Legacy to forge a unique blend of whiskey that speaks to our expertise, knowledge, and innovative frontier spirit.

Our journey to craft and blend this amazing whiskey brought together five incredible ingredients that speaks to both the history of bourbon in our country and to our own history right here in the Centennial State - including whiskies distilled by the most renowned bourbon pioneers in Kentucky and Indiana, as well as those made of High Country Barley straight from our malthouse in Golden, all brought together with the purest water in America, straight from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Here’s to blazing trails with an Unbroken Spirit.