Esperanto Tequila Extra Anejo Frida Kahlo Aged 7yr


Esperanto Tequila Extra Anejo Frida Kahlo Aged 7yr


Tequila Esperanto Seleccion 7 year, was the dream of a young Mexican man, whose vision was to create for the world a high-quality Mexican tequila. After more than a decade, this dream has culminated in the creation of Tequila Esperanto seleccion, a brand recognized by connoisseurs all over the world for its superior quality. This 100% Extra Añejo Tequila, produced in the Highlands region of Jalisco. This is an outstanding signature tequila, aged in fine American oak for seven years, and sure to delight connoisseurs and casual tequila lovers alike with its surprising tastes and aromas.

Color is bright amber with copper hues, featuring great body that drips slow in the glass.

Nose features pleasant woody aromas resulting from its aging in fine white oak, as well as sweeter notes of honey, orange, apple, and vanilla, combining perfectly with light notes of alcohol.

Flavor features woody, sweet, and fruity notes. Sweeter notes, such as maple and orange, are felt early, while woody and floral notes come through as it opens up on the palate.