Elijah Craig Father's Day Limited Edition Golf Bundle


Experience the epitome of Father's Day indulgence with our exclusive Elijah Craig Father's Day Golf Bundle. This carefully curated collection merges the passions of golf enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs, delivering a unique fusion of luxury and enjoyment.

At its core, you'll find Elijah Craig's finest offerings: a 750ml bottle of Elijah Craig Straight Rye and a 750ml bottle of Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon. The Straight Rye tantalizes with its robust blend of spices and fruity sweetness, while the Small Batch Bourbon showcases a harmonious balance of rich, full-bodied flavors and delicate smoothness.

But the delights don't end there. Elevate your golf game with an Elijah Craig 5-pack of golf tees, a premium Elijah Craig Golf Towel for sunny days on the course, and an essential Elijah Craig Golf Ball Marker for true aficionados.

To cap it all off, we include the elegant Elijah Craig Golf Ball Ice Mold, allowing you to enjoy your post-game relaxation with perfectly shaped, slow-melting ice balls for your whiskey.

This Father's Day, elevate your gift-giving with our Elijah Craig Father's Day Golf Bundle—an experience that celebrates loved ones and creates unforgettable memories.

Gift set includes:

1x Elijah Craig Straight Rye 750ml 1x Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon 750ml 1x Elijah Craig 5-pack golf tees 1x Elijah Craig Golf Towel 1x Elijah Craig Golf Ball Ice Mold 1x Golf Marker