Duke Grand Cru Reposado


This limited-edition tequila was finished in the same French oak wine barrels that were used to finish Duke Grand Cru Whiskeys creating a truly unique and exquisite flavor profile, unlike any other tequila.

This Limited Edition Tequila was created to commemorate and honor John Wayne’s love for Mexico, his connection to the land, and his pursuit of the perfect tequila.

The tequila is produced from hand-selected pinas grown on single estates at a distillery founded in 1885 in Jalisco. Duke Grand Cru Tequila is distilled by hand, the old-fashioned way, in small copper pot stills from the purest agave grown in the rich, red soils in the highlands of Los Altos. It is carefully aged, then finished in the finest French oak wine barrels from Napa, which have also been graced by Duke Grand Cru Bourbon from Kentucky.