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Dom Pérignon Brut Vintage 2006 Limited Edition by Michael Riedel Gift Box


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Due to their shared creative ethos, mutual inclination towards transformation, and dedication to creations transcending original materials, the collaboration between Dom Pérignon and Michael Riedel was a natural synergy. Riedel's artistic interpretation, deconstructing the letters D and P, serves as an optical metaphor inspired by the passage of time, adorning limited edition boxes of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2006.

Employing techniques of deconstruction, digital superposition, and aggregation, the German artist mirrors Dom Pérignon champagne's unique ability to decode elements, revealing their essence. The reimagined initials adorn boxes and bottle labels, reiterating the importance of allowing time for evolution towards excellence. This conceptual creation underscores the singular potential of each vintage, the precision essential to its crafting, and the unparalleled savoir-faire inherent in the collaboration.