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Distilled Quality 1L


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DQ Vodka AB Sweden Company takes pride in exporting limited volumes of an undiluted vodka formula based solely on the purest fine spirits of central Sweden. Vodka of this high quality are only made in small batches and the bottles are distributed only to the finest shops and venues around the world.

• Gluten-free
• Distilled 250 times
• Filtered once
• Swedish osmosis-treated water
• Swedish winter wheat
• Hand- assembled bottle
• Alcohol quality checked once an hour throughout production
• ISO-certified companies in Europe make Distilled Quality bottle components.
• Each bottle is as unique as your own fingerprint

Distilled Quality is what it says, in homage to the high quality and production methods that we employ. Our production includes a continuous distillation process used in Sweden for more than 130 years. It’s so pure that it doesn’t need any subsequent filtration.