Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin


Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin - Def Leppard ‘Animal’ is a classic London Dry Gin with high intensity of flavors. The grain-based distillate is heavy with juniper, lemon, and botanicals. It is spicy, big, and bold and has all the classic gin characteristics you should expect in a London Dry Gin.

The design is created with inspiration from the hit single “Animal” from the album “Hysteria”.


Color: Clear
Nose: Intense aromas with a clear character of juniper, herbs, and citrus.
Palate: Spicy, big, lots of flavor with clear tones of juniper, lemon peel, and herbal character.
Finish: Complex, full-bodied, and long-lasting. Elegant, well-balanced, and dry finish.