Deerhammer Rough & Tumble Hickory Smoked Whiskey


Created to showcase some serious western fortitude, our Hickory Smoked Whiskey will inspire you to sip (or shoot) under the wild, WILD western skies. Built as a classic American corn whiskey and born from new frontiers, our Hickory Smoked Whiskey begs to be enjoyed while burning daylight, hootin & hollering, and reveling in all things free and majestic. This whiskey rolls with an in-your-face hickory wallop that comes from a day-long cold smoking process. From there, we sour mash a 100% Colorado corn grain bill, 4 day open fermentation, and direct-fire double pot still distillation. This process proudly offers up a rough and tumble, non-highfalutin, spin on the time-honored corn whiskey. Bring this whiskey on all of your backslapping adventures. Deerhammer Hickory Smoked Whiskey is free to be what it is – an essential companion for starry nights, campfire delights, and hell, even a nip when you wake to a chilly morning. No judgment here.