Cosa Salvaje Blanco Pink


Cosa Salveje Blanco Pink - Cosa Salvaje is simply sweet and Ultra smooth, which makes it easier for everyone to enjoy.

​Cosa Salvaje Plata Tequila is bottled fresh from the still. It is an enticing treat with a light to medium-weight body and a spicy, floral set of aromatics. The moment it enters your mouth you will experience a warm wave of spicy, peppery and herbaceous flavors. Cosa Salvaje is a enticing Ultra smooth treat.

The quality of tequila highly depends on the agave used. Immature or low quality of agave can result in bad tequila such as bitter or sour tastes. Cosa Salvaje was crafted only with the the highest quality of 'High- and Low-Land' mix of ‘Mature Blue Agave' (of aged 7-10 years) that are 'inspected and hand-picked’ only by experienced agave specialists. Followed by slow cooking of agave in 'Traditional Clay Stone Oven' to preserve the most natural form of agave sugar, which then subjected to 'Natural Fermentation' no enzymes or additive added to speed up the process and slow double distillation in 'Traditional Pot'.