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Corrido Tequila Reposado


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Aged to taste, not time, our Tequila Corrido Reposado deserves all the recognition it receives. The translation of reposado means “rested,” and like the name implies, our Tequila Reposado rests for about six months in our proprietary symphony barrels comprised of Hungarian, Limousine and Missouri oak.


Aroma: Maple, nuts, vanilla, caramel, coconut and cooked agave with delicate floral, fruity and spicy notes throughout notes like pineapple, apple, cherry, grapefruit, cinnamon and cardamom.

Flavor: Lasting notes of vanilla, caramel, fruits and spices.

Finish: Silky and full-bodied with an elegant butterscotch finish.

2021 | SILVER

San Francisco Spirits Competition

2020 | GOLD

MicroLiquor Spirits Awards
Spirit Awards

2020 | SILVER

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