Contraluz Mezcal Cristalino Reposado


Brand Contraluz

Step into a new era of mezcal with Contraluz, a revolutionary spirit born in 2016 that paves a unique path for this beloved Mexican tradition. It proudly claims the title of the world's first crystalline mezcal, blending modernity with the cherished essence of the past. Contraluz preserves the authentic character of mezcal while adding an innovative final step to extract its color, resulting in a mesmerizing, transparent appearance that sets it apart.

This crystalline elixir, with its smoky and citrusy aromas, captivates the senses and offers the perfect accompaniment to Mexican cuisine and cocktails alike. With an alcohol volume of 36% and presented in a 700ml bottle, Contraluz is the epitome of refinement and sophistication. Aged in American oak barrels and meticulously activated carbon filtered, Contraluz delivers a harmonious, crystalline, and brilliantly clear distillate. Experience the future of mezcal with Contraluz, where tradition meets innovation in a balanced, personality-packed spirit.