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Cincoro Tequila Anjeo Limited Edition Joshua Vides Gift Box


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Cincoro Tequila presents an exclusive collaboration with the renowned visual artist Joshua Vides. This partnership brings together the unique design of our Cincoro bottle with Joshua Vides’ graphic monochromatic style, resulting in a true collector’s item. Inspired by the stature and distinctive style of the Cincoro bottle, Joshua Vides used his “reality to idea” concept to reimagine the bottle, adding his signature touch to create a seamless blend of art and luxury.

Limited to only 150 bottles and designed by Joshua Vides. The extraordinary packaging not only secures this bottle but also serves as a striking display piece. To further enhance its collector’s allure, every bottle comes with a signed and numbered sketch.

Tasting Notes

Color: Intense Amber

Aroma: Oak, sweet cooked agave, maple, orange rind

Taste: Complex, toasted oak, cooked agave, butterscotch, dark chocolate

Finish: Elegant, evolving over time. Cooked agave, dried fruits, baking spices