Château Arton Fine Blanche


The original Blanche Armagnac. In 1985, Patrick de Montal first opted to bottle the freshly distilled wine coming from the still - prior to being officially allowed to use the name Armagnac - and called it "Fine Blanche". Patrick then started working with the French government to expand the AOC, Blanche Armagnac being allowed on the label in 2005.

This unaged spirit has become the darling of the craft cocktail bartender - a unique substitute for Vodka, Gin, Rum and other classic white spirits, but bringing the full character of the fresh wine. Distilled entirely from wines produced from their own vines, in the extremely small and rare sub-region of Haut Armagnac. A distinctive, unique and transformative ingredient, to be enjoyed chilled neat, with tonic, or in any number of creative cocktail application.