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Casa Azul Variety 8PK


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All the fun in one party pack. Enjoy 2 of each flavor: Watermelon, Peach Mango, Lime Margarita and Strawberry Margarita.

Watermelon: Imagine tequila soaked juicy watermelon wedges, without the mess.
Light fruity hints of melon on the nose blending with accentuating notes of tequila in the back. Full fruit explosion on the front palate combined with citrus and a refreshing short snappy finish.

Peach Mango: A refreshing flavor combination that helps create a little tropical paradise. Full combination of ripe peaches followed by ripe mango on the nose with light citrus notes in the back. Ripe fresh yellow peaches dominate the taste with mangoes functioning beautifully as a contrasting flavor in the back. Citrus brings the tasting experience to a completion with a short, fruity finish.

Lime Margarita: In a world full of trends, this classic cocktail will elevate any occasion you can throw at it. Refreshing sensation of freshly cut lime fruit on the nose followed by sweet light tropical notes. On the palate very light refreshing and crisp with not too much acid and a short snappy finish.

Strawberry Margarita: Naturally sweet strawberry and tequila to add some cool on those hot days. Hints of fresh ripe strawberries on the nose combined with lightly spiced tequila on the back. Full strawberry flavor on the pallet combined with hints of acid and roasted agave on the palate. Slightly off dry with a short snappy finish.