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Capurro Pisco - 2017 Acholado


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Tasting Notes: The perfect balance of aromatics and texture, we blend multiple grape varietals to make our family flagship, the recipe is a family secret.
  • Region: Nasca, Ica, Perú 
  • Grape Varietal: Blend
  • Microclimate: Coastal desert 
  • Elevation: 428 meters 
  • Soil: Alluvial soil, silt, clay, limestone, sand 
  • Trellis System: Canopy 
  • Harvest: Hand harvested 
  • Press: Single press, pomace discarded 
  • Fermentation: Natural, indigenous yeast 
  • Distillation: Copper pot, single distillation to proof 
  • Resting: Minimum 1 year, readiness judged by taste alone