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Canadian Club Chronicles 42 Year Old


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This second issue of Canadian Club Chronicles pays tribute to the dock men who operated floating liquor stores and bars aboard their vessels. During Prohibition, there were many counterfeit makers of Canadian Club, but savvy bar owners and whisky fans knew they could count on the dock men to provide only genuine Canadian Club. With this 42- year- old whisky, we celebrate their uncompromising commitment to origin, authenticity, quality and craftsmanship.

Amber in color, the aroma is a robust rye spice with caramel and a hint of char, which is to be expected from a whisky aged for 42 years. The taste is pleasantly warm and slightly sweet with delicate notes of brown sugar and baking spices, balanced with oak and a rye spiciness, making this whisky complex and rich. The finish is a lingering taste of toffee, with subtle tartness on the palate.