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Buffalo Trace Prohibition Collection


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Buffalo Trace Prohibition Collection is an exquisite ensemble of five whiskey bottles that pays homage to the legally produced spirits at the distillery during the Prohibition era. This collection meticulously recreates five distinctive Prohibition-era whiskeys.

Each whiskey within the Prohibition Collection is elegantly presented in 375-milliliter bottles, faithfully mirroring the original packaging of these spirits. The labels even feature the spaces where doctors would have inscribed their prescriptions for medicinal whiskey. The entire set is thoughtfully encased in a custom wooden box, housing all five bottles securely.

The Prohibition Collection includes:

Three Feathers: A bonded Rye whiskey with a hearty 100 proof.

Golden Wedding: A robust Rye whiskey, bottled at a formidable 107 proof.

Old Stagg: A barrel-proof Bourbon, bottled as is, without dilution or filtration.

George T. Stagg Distillery Spiritus Frumenti: A wheated Bourbon, boldly bottled at a potent 110 proof.

Walnut Hill: A high-rye Bourbon with a smooth 90 proof.

This exceptional collection captures the essence of a bygone era when the appreciation of fine whiskey prevailed even in the face of Prohibition's challenges.