Brooklyn Gin


Brooklyn Gin - Brooklyn Gin is a fresh take on gin from Brooklyn, New York. Made from hand cut fresh citrus peels and hand crushed juniper berries, Brooklyn Gin was created to bring a fresh vibrant taste to your favorite cocktail. Using traditional small batch distilling, Brooklyn Gin has created a gin like no other; smooth and vibrantly fresh.

Tasting Notes:

Fresh citrus, lemon, lime; lavender and hints of cocoa

Hand-cut fresh lemon, lime, orange and clementine peel are the key botanicals in Brooklyn Gin. Brooklyn Gin forgoes using dried citrus peels, which can produce dull and flat flavors. And while most gins rely on dried juniper berries, which can release piney flavors, the juniper berries are hand crushed, imparting sweeter, spicier notes for a more flavorful gin. The botanicals are then steeped to release their essential oils and flavors before distillation in a Carl Copper Pot Still. The Copper Pot Still interacts with the alcohol in each small batch to remove bitter notes, resulting in a smoother gin with greater complexity.