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Booker's Bourbon “The Beam House Batch” 2024-02


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Discover the distinctive character of Booker's Bourbon 2024-02 "The Beam House Batch," a tribute to the legacy of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. With a formidable 63.90% ALC/VOL (127.8 Proof), this small-batch release showcases the culmination of 7 years, 2 months, and 29 days of meticulous aging. Named after the iconic Beam House, this expression pays homage to the rich heritage of bourbon-making. As you savor each sip, you'll be enveloped in the complexity and depth that define this seven-year-aged masterpiece. Elevate your spirits collection with "The Beam House Batch," where tradition, craftsmanship, and time converge to create an exceptional and unforgettable bourbon experience.