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Blood Oath Trilogy Collection Second Edition


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Blood Oath Trilogy Collection Second Edition - Each Pact is always a secret blend of three different bourbons, and each of the expressions in this set feature one component that has been finished in a second barrel:

Blood Oath Pact 4 (2018 release): blend of a 12-year bourbon, a 10-year bourbon and a 9-year bourbon finished in toasted barrels for seven months.
Blood Oath Pact 5 (2019 release): blend of a 13-year bourbon, an 11-year wheated bourbon and an 8-year bourbon finished in Caribbean rum barrels
Blood Oath Pact 6 (2020 release): a blend of a 14-year ryed bourbon; an 8-year ryed bourbon, and a 7-year ryed bourbon finished in cognac casks