Black Tot Master's Blenders Reserve 2022


Black Tot Day 2022 marks the third iteration of our annual Master Blender’s Reserve, an ever-evolving perpetual blend crafted by our Master Blender, Oliver Chilton.

For this year’s blend, we drew inspiration from historical rums in our collection and the unique flavour profiles they exhibited over half a century ago. These rums, since lost in the rum world, were rich with notes of baked banana, dusty chocolate, mocha milkshakes, honey, tobacco, leather, liquorice, and spice. These flavours were mapped out and became our guide.


Nose: Melted chocolate nibs and toasted hazelnuts are offset against warm orange and cinnamon sticks with a background of mixed tropical juice and cassis. Blackcurrant and raspberry leaf start to come to the fore with time in the glass.

Palate: Initial flavours of milk chocolate and raisins are complimented with café latte and ripe banana. A touch of aniseed balances against a light hint of tropical fruit and a wonderful rich baked Demerara sugar top to a crème caramel.

Finish: Cinnamon and nutmeg spice along with chilli and cocoa linger for an age.