Black Sheep Reposado Tequila


The Black Sheep Reposado Tequila is truly a tequila—lover’s tequila, no doubt about it. It has wonderful hints of oak and honey, and a real rich agave layer sits on top of a not-so subtle honey undertone. The honey’s real prominent in the nose, though all three definitely hang out and party on your tastebuds…and the finish rages on long past the time you’ve finished a glass; in fact, the most remarkable thing about the overall flavor of this tequila is how long it stays with you. The character hangs out with you in the form of what is probably one of the most pleasant aftertastes you will ever experience in a liquor.

Tasting notes:

Color - Gold

Aroma - Natural Baked Agave, with hints of honey, vanilla, caramel

Taste - Incredibly smooth, slight natural sweetness, light smokey oak with a natural baked agave caramel blend

Finish - Incredibly long finish, natural agave, oak