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Black Sheep Extra Anejo Tequila


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The Black Sheep Tequila has a nice, sweet agave smell with a little honey and a little toasty, oak barrel. The taste followed with more sweet agave, and a delicious long finish that brought in a bit of honey. Mouthfeel is clean, and light. This is a standout tequila, perfectly balanced, with a remarkably long, elegant finish with lingering notes of natural agave. Aged 7 years.

Tasting notes:

Color - Intense Dark Gold

Aroma - Warm oak, natural sweet baked agave, rich caramel, honey

Taste - Complex, toasted oak, roasted agave, honey, with a touch of caramel

Finish - Elegant, evolving over time. Baked agave, with a light vanilla and lingering caramel oak