Bingham's Bourbon Bundle

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Introducing Bingham's Bourbon Bundle, a remarkable collection curated for bourbon enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs alike. This exceptional bundle includes two distinct bottles of Bingham's Bourbon, both crafted with exceptional care and expertise.

The first bottle in this exclusive bundle is Bingham's Bourbon Original, a Certified Texas Whiskey™ that embodies the true spirit of the Lone Star State. Each sip of this extraordinary bourbon takes you on a sensory journey, with rich flavors and aromas that captivate the palate. The meticulous blending of the finest ingredients and the dedication to traditional distillation methods result in a bourbon that stands as a testament to craftmanship and passion. Bingham's Bourbon Original offers a smooth and balanced taste profile, featuring notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak, culminating in a satisfying and lingering finish.

Accompanying Bingham's Bourbon Original is the second bottle in the bundle: Bingham's Bourbon Black, another Certified Texas Whiskey™ that pushes the boundaries of flavor and complexity. This expression exudes a bold and robust character, setting itself apart from its counterpart. Bingham's Bourbon Black is an exploration of intensity, with a blend of meticulously selected aged bourbons that deliver an unmistakable depth and richness. The interplay of dark chocolate, toasted spices, and a hint of smokiness creates a captivating symphony of flavors that leave a lasting impression on the discerning palate.

Both Bingham's Bourbon Original and Bingham's Bourbon Black showcase the unparalleled skill and passion of Ryan Bingham. Each expression is meticulously aged and handcrafted, ensuring that every sip is an experience to be savored and cherished.