Bearface Wilderness Series Matsutake 01


Elementally Aged for a bolder, smoother flavour and infused with wild Matsutake, for a unique umami finish. This BEARFACE Wilderness Series edition is a one-of-a-kind whisky blend.

Our first limited edition batch uses foraged Matsutake mushrooms, that are cask-infused with selected BEARFACE whisky to release the subtle tastes and aromas.

To create this expression, we mature our whisky in hand-selected ex-wine casks and sherry pipes inside repurposed shipping containers in the Canadian wilderness. We call this ‘Elemental Ageing’, and it gives our whisky a bolder, smoother flavour.

The unique liquid from the wine, sherry and Matsutake casks is then blended by Andres Faustinelli, our Master Blender. The Matsutake adds a unique accent of wilderness flavour in the ‘assemblage’. The final result is a complex, layered whisky, with nutmeg, cinnamon and rounded nuttiness, followed by a leafy earthiness and an umami finish.


Nose: Sweet nuttiness, Nutmeg, Leafy earthiness

Taste: Saffron, Balsamic, Cranberry & apricot

Finish: Sherry sweetness, Cinnamon, Umami