Bastille Single Malt Whisky


This revolutionary spirit is produced from spring barley grown in northeast France. The water used during production is naturally filtered through limestone forsin centuries ensuring incredible purity.

BASTILLE 1789’sinnovative distillation process combines traditional and cutting-edge techniques to express the natural characteristics of our terroir, water, and malt.

BASTILLE Single Malt sources its unique taste profile from the Limousin Oak cask style that previously aged some of the finest wines such as Sauterne, Burgundy, Sherry as well as a French Spirit. Its delicate aromas and smooth profile make BASTILLE 1789 Single Malt a “ONE OF A KIND” experience and a category on its own.

Newcomers to the world of single malt whisky, as well as aficionados, will be charmed by the intriguing aromas of Dried Fruits, Sweet Spices and Leather. Finishing with a characterful suggestion of Smokey-Peat.