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BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho Sevillian Orange Cask Finish


Brand Bacardi

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A limited-edition rare rum blend, crafted by BACARDÍ Rum’s Master Blenders, who have hand selected some of the most exceptional barrels of aged rum from the Bacardí family reserve. BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho Años Rum, Sevillian Orange cask finish is a blend aged from 8 to 12 years in American oak barrel with an additional finish in Vino de Naranja (Orange Wine) casks. Taste of subtle citrus rind with a pleasant Seville orange bitter character, notes of molasses & cinnamon, hints of dried currant and toffee caramel.


Nose: Orange peel, dried stone fruits, smoky woodey aroma

Palate: Citrus, molasses, cinnamon, currant, and caramel

Finish: Expansive and well-rounded, Vino de Naranja Cask Finish