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Ardbeg 17 Year Old Committee Exclusive


Brand Ardbeg

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Bottled for the pioneers who were there in the beginning, Ardbeg 17 Years Old makes its masterful return. Fresh pine resin, enticing aromas of malted barley, and toasted bread perch on the palate. Delicate notes of cocoa powder and caffé latte soar alongside hints of oak smoke and chewy aniseed toffee. The peat returns for an enormously long finale. Welcome home, 17.

Released in 1997, over 25 years ago, 17 Years Old was a peaty pioneer that paved the way for future Ardbeg. Beloved by the Committee, it was one of the first bottles to leave the Distillery’s doors after reopening. Now, as it leaves once more, this legendary dram traces the old profile note by note. Renewed, 17 Years Old returns home… just as extraordinary as it was before.