Aqara Agave Plateado


Brand Aqara
By preserving the balance of nature our “jimadores” carefully select wild ripe agave “piñas”, then chop them by hand, cooked in mash tuns with steam jackets and passed by double distillation.

Feel the strength and the flavor of the Peruvian Andes right
from the very first sip.

We plant three agaves for each and every one we harvest

Tasting notes:

Appearance - Crystalline, brighter than water, pure.

Nose - Fresh and seductive on the nose with aromas of desert flowers, with layers of fennel. Tropical fruits and a touch of peach.

Palate - Friendly and well-rounded with no harsh edges, smooth as silk. Shows citrus notes and good acidity. Long finish lingering some fresh cucumber note on the after taste. Complex yet elegant and easy to sip neat.