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Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Rum


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Appleton Estate 21 Year Rum seduces the palate with its silky smoothness and refined aromatic complexity. It comes from a precious blend created by carefully selecting only the finest rums, chosen one by one and aged for a period of at least 21 years. A great tasting Rum dedicated to enthusiasts and connoisseurs, which expresses the notes of full maturity of the Jamaican distillate in its best expression.

Appleton Estate can be found deep in the heart of Jamaica’s lush Nassau Valley, with a distinct landscape that is wholly unique and especially ideal for rum-making. The combination of the climate, soil and topography of Appleton Estate make it one of the few rums in the world to claim “terroir” as a point of difference. From the wide variety of sugarcane to the proprietary strain of non-GMO yeast and the ethereal blue water of the limestone spring that dilutes the molasses, Appleton Estate’s terroir creates one of the world’s finest Jamaican rums.