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Amargo Chuncho Bitters


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Amargo Chuncho, or Chuncho Bitters, were named after the ethnic group of Amazon
Indians that resisted the Spanish Conquistadors. They are the original Peruvian bitters and are the only bitters for a truly authentic Pisco Sour.

Chuncho is a complex and well balanced combination of over 30 various peels, herbs, roots, barks and flowers from the Peruvian forest – including Quina and Sarrapia leaves, both of which appear on the Peruvian flag – that are macerated then rested for six
months in oak barrels before being bottled.

The most common use is in cocktails, but these bitters can also be used across all areas of cooking. Despite the small amount of bitters used in cocktail recipes, they have a very definite effect on the flavor profile of a drink, helping to bring the ingredients together.

An essential ingredient on any bar.