2XO Gem of Kentucky Single Barrel Bourbon

$199.99 $189.99

Brand 2XO

Introduce yourself to the realm of bourbon excellence through the 2XO Gem Of Kentucky Single Barrel Bourbon – a true masterpiece by Dixon Dedman. As an integral part of the illustrious Gem of Kentucky Series, this bourbon is meticulously hand-picked from an exclusive high-rye bourbon mash bill, showcasing Dedman's prowess as a Master Distiller.

Dixon Dedman, known for his remarkable craft, introduces this offering as his inaugural venture into the world of single barrels. Among approximately 12,000 bottles drawn from an array of 70 unique single barrels, each expression stands as a testament to Dedman's unwavering commitment to quality and artistry.

What sets this bourbon apart is its distinctive aging process, where it's re-barreled in new oak barrels with varying char levels. This exceptional technique ensures that every bottle offers a matchless and unparalleled tasting experience. Bottled at a robust 54% ABV and 108 proof, it promises a symphony of flavors that are both intense and harmoniously balanced.

Delve into an authentic and memorable bourbon journey, meticulously curated with the expertise and passion of Dixon Dedman and the skilled 2XO distillers.