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Clyde Mays Cask Strength 13 Year


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Clyde Mays Cask Strength 13 Year - There’s some things you learn in school, and some things you just gotta find out on your own. Clyde May figured a lot out on his own, including how to keep his Bourbon Barrels hidden from the law. The Alabama born-and-bred Moonshiner liked to use big ol’ piles of sawdust, collected from his lumber-making pals, to bury his prized barrels until they were ready to tap.

Kind of a happy accident then, that piling sawdust on them actually helped the maturation process. The booze stayed hidden, and got a little more toasty and flavorful along the way. When we set out to make a Limited Edition, Cask Strength Bourbon, it was those old dust covered barrels we wanted to evoke. The good stuff-the stuff old Clyde would tuck away for much later. We Didn’t have to hide it in sawdust this time, but we’re pretty sure he’d be happy with the result.